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Our potato chitting trays have been designed with the aid of a CAD system and are manufactured using mainly imported (Scandinavian), slow grown, kiln dried timbers which provide strength and greater life expectancy when compared to home grown timbers. Our chitting trays are designed to be stacked on top of one another as and when required.

All potato chitting trays include a standard stencil on both of the long sides of the tray.

Our chitting trays have a nominal capacity of approx. 140kgs of seed potatoes and have a similar footprint to our standard range of potato and vegetable boxes. The dimensions of our tray are;

1805mm Long x 1195mm Wide x 394mm Deep (including the 125mm up-stand)

1705mm Long x 1145mm Wide x 125mmm Deep

The version shown has a removable end section with central hand hold and 3 cross bottom battens to assist when emptying. The centre posts are sandwiched between two middle bearers then bolted for additional strength and rigidity. If required we can also supply a version with a removable side section rather than a removable end section.

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Potato chitting tray - side viewPotato chitting tray - end removed