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C Jackson & Sons potato boxes have been designed with the aid of a CAD system and are manufactured to meet the requirements of British Standard BS7611:1992.

We use mainly imported (Scandinavian), slow grown, kiln dried timbers resulting in a potato box which is stronger, with a greater life expectancy, than boxes manufactured using home grown timbers only.

Our potato boxes include a standard stencil, usually on both of the long sides of the box, on the second board down from the top.

Our potato boxes are suitable for stacking to a maximum of 8 boxes high where store height permits.

Our range of designs includes ‘gapped’ boxes with standard 25mm gaps in the sides, ends and deck, nominally ‘close boarded’ boxes, ’tight boarded’ boxes and boxes with gap widths other than 25mm.

We offer a bespoke service to ensure we supply a potato box which exactly meets our customers’ requirements.

For other options please see below.


The plan dimensions of our ‘standard’ range of potato boxes are 1830mm long x 1195mm wide.
Approx. nominal capacities and external (internal) heights are:

  • 1.00t capacity: 915mm (762mm)
  • 1.10t capacity: 965mm (813mm)
  • 1.20t capacity: 1067mm (915mm)

Other sizes can be manufactured on request.

There is a choice of design options available which meet the requirements of the British Standard, namely:

  1. Toothed connector plates fitted in the sides and ends of the box
  2. Wooden braces fitted in the sides and ends of the box
  3. A combination of a) & b) above

During testing it was found that ‘c’ above, i.e. a combination of the two designs, produced a stronger box hence we fit wooden diagonally opposing braces in both ends of the box and fit a toothed connector plate behind the vertical posts which are fitted mid-way along the sides of the box.

The end braces have a long shallow taper on the underside to ensure there are no trapping points when tipping produce from the box.
BS7611:1992 refers to six different size codes although the most common sizes in use today are Code B, Code A and, to a lesser extent, Code D.

  • Code B: Plan dimensions are 1830mm long x 1195mm wide. Overall heights are 1070mm max., 885mm min.
  • Code A: Plan dimensions are 1830mm long x 1220mm wide. Overall heights are 1070mm max., 885mm min.
  • Code D: Plan dimensions are 1525mm long x 1195mm wide. Overall heights are 1220mm max., 885mm min.

NB. Tolerance on the aforementioned sizes is + or – 5mm.

Standard fork truck tine clearance is 125mm unless otherwise discussed.

Options include:

  • Bolted vertical post fitted mid-way along the sides of the box i.e. sandwich style bottom centre bearer
  • Different gap widths
  • Nominally close boarded sides and ends
  • Tight boarded sides and ends
  • Pallet base i.e. cross bottom battens across the full width of the box to assist when using box tipplers
  • Additional stencilling e.g. large lettering, sequential numbering, colour coding, bar coding, etc., etc.

Note. To reduce transport costs our boxes can also be supplied in 5-panel flat pack format for self-assembly on site.

Repair boards:

We offer pre-cut repair boards to suit our own boxes and also those made by other manufacturers.

Contact us today on 01482 328472 for more information, or use the form on our contact page

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